Sam Blacky returns to Easier Said with new single ‘Amor’ alongside a remix from illusionize!

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Sam Blacky is back with a new single on Easier Said that comes in various forms as well as with a great remix from illusionize. Samantha Black is a multitalented DJ/producer and creator professionally known as Sam Blacky who is originally from San Diego and has performed live across the world from Mexico to Ibiza to Bali to Tokyo. The original mix of ‘Amor’ is spine tingling Afro house with deep, warm, cavernous drums and spiritual pads. The vocal from Tristan Henry really elevates the track, especially with some more tribal elements from Blacky to give it those finishing touches. Says the artist, “It’s definitely one of the staple songs in my sets and has been really well received so far.” As well as a dub, instrumental and extended mix, illusionize also adds his own remix. Illusionize is one of the most original artists in the current Brazilian electronic scene. He has a striking identity loaded with tons of bass. Says the remixer Pedro Mendes aka illusionize, “When I received the invitation to remix ‘Amor’, I already liked it without even listening to it because of the name of the song. As soon as I heard it, I loved the vocals… The combination of the sound of the music, the vibe, and what Sam needed in the remix fit perfectly with everything I am loving to produce now.” His version is sublime and deep, with supple drums and gorgeous chords that are steep in melancholy and cast a magical spell.

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