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Tensteps has been taking the world of Electronic Music by storm; with the release of his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Infinite’ last month, the buzz surrounding him continues to grow. As genre lovers become fixated by his dynamic signature sound, powerful in its energy and high in quality, it is only a matter of time before Tensteps gains an even larger following of fans and is propelled even further towards the forefront of the genre.

Now, welcoming us into his captivating sonic world, Tensteps joins us for an exclusive interview and takes to the decks to deliver an unmissable guest mix. As he gives us an insight into his inspirations and a glimpse into his creativity, Tensteps showcases his impressive talents with a seamlessly blended set, shining a light on his own stellar releases, along with productions from the likes of Andrew Rayel and Marie Vaunt.

So, dive in and discover more about this talented DJ and Producer and hear for yourself why Tensteps continues to build a reputation as one of the most exciting talents on the Electronic Music scene today.

Hi Tensteps, how’s it going?  

Doing well, thanks! 

To begin, can you tell us what first inspired you to pursue a career within Electronic Music? Was there a specific Artist who sparked your passion for the genre? 

I’d done open format DJing before discovering Electronic Music for real.  To me, guys like David Guetta were Pop artists, it never occurred to me that Dance music was its own genre at that point.  Skrillex was the first Electronic artist that I really took note of, and then discovering Above & Beyond through an old girlfriend was really what pushed me in all the way.

Who are your top 3 biggest inspirations?

This is always a tough question because there’s different people I look up to for different reasons. The most cliché of them is probably Armin van Buuren.  Tons of producers say him, but for me it’s not just because he’s the biggest Artist in our genre; it’s also about how he’s grown his business empire while balancing the requirements of real life and not letting one side of life completely take over, which I have a tendency to do (but I’m working on it!). Illenium would be another one. With him, I love that he was able to take the various sounds he’s passionate about and bring them together in a way no one else was doing, and became a global phenomenon with it. Outside of music, at the moment, Steve Jobs comes to mind.  The guy literally changed almost everything about how we interact with each other by putting ideas and pieces together that no one had ever thought of doing before.

You’ve just released your debut album, ‘Infinite’, can you talk us through the major influences and inspirations behind the production? 

There are tons of influences that you can hear on the album.  Outside of the obvious Trance influence, there’s Melodic Bass in there, Progressive House, Metal, my songwriting tends to have a touch of Country influence as well in some of the melodies, so there’s a lot to explore there if you pay attention.

When taking inspiration from other Artists and pieces of music, how do you make sure that your music stands out and is unique? 

It’s actually not that hard for me.  I would find it difficult to just rip off someone’s music entirely. My production process, my mixing style, my ears, those are all going to affect the track in a way that’s different from whoever I’m referencing, so it’ll never sound the same.

Do you ever find inspiration outside of music, like in other art forms or your personal life? 

For sure! Especially as a songwriter. I either wrote or co-wrote 5 of the toplines on this album, and that inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’s something I’m feeling in the moment, or it could be something I experienced in the past that I’ll channel into writing a song.

You collaborate with other Artists frequently; can you tell us what the process is like? How do you find common ground in terms of the inspiration and goal for the tracks? 

It really depends on the song. If we’re talking about working with Singers and Songwriters, sometimes I might give them a direction or a mood I’m trying to hit, or I might just tell them to do whatever they’re feeling and we’ll see how it comes out. If I’ve written the topline and I’m just asking them to sing it, I’ll usually get really detailed with my notes and give them lots of direction. With other Producers it’s much harder, which honestly is why I don’t do many collaborations with other Producers. There really has to be a concrete understanding of each other’s mindset and workflow, and for me it’s very hard to come by. I’m ultra-selective about who I work with, and I’ve had to pull the plug on several collabs in the past because we just couldn’t get on the same page.

With such an extensive release catalogue, do you ever take inspiration from your own works when producing new tracks or do you always like to find a new creative motivation?  

I definitely have built off of other tracks of mine. When something really works for me, I might go back and use it again for something else if I feel it would fit just as well. I don’t think you need to be constantly re-inventing the wheel. I’m not saying you have to use something so much it becomes a joke of itself, but I see no problem in revisiting elements you really liked.

What feelings and emotions do you think your music inspires in listeners?

Ideally, I want my music to uplift people. That’s what it does for me. It’s an outlet and a way to express things that I don’t know any other way to express, and it’s my hope that listening to these songs becomes a form of expression for the listener.

What do you hope up-and-coming Producers take away from your work and presence within the Electronic Music realm?

I hope that people are inspired to find something that resonates with them to the point where they feel compelled to wake up every day and work on it and make it the best it can be. That’s the only way to succeed in this business.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Knowing that there are amazing experiences down this road if I can keep pushing forward. The music industry throws a hell of a lot of roadblocks at you, but if you can manage to get past enough of them, the road opens up and you can live a life that most people could only dream of.

From our conversation, Tensteps’ passion for Electronic Music appears clear: acting as the driving force behind his creativity and sonic explorations. So, as he continues to pave his way within the genre, finding new inspirations to feed his musicality, Tensteps is sure to keep making a name for himself within Electronic Music. As we wrap up this interview, we thank Tensteps for taking the time to talk with us and invite you into the electrifying energy of his guest mix, curated exclusively for EDM Board:


  1.  Tensteps ft. Linney – Broken Ones [Find Your Harmony]
  2.  Examines & Lyd14 – Paper Heart (Ramsey Westwood & SICKCODE Remix) [AVA]
  3.  RJ Van Xetten – The Drums [Interplay Unity]
  4. Super8 & Tab – Horizon (Leo Reyes Remix) [Armind]
  5. Tensteps & Natalie Major – End Of The Earth [Find Your Harmony]
  6. Achilles & Maurya Sevak – Dreams 2023
  7. Luminn – Tempus (Somna Remix) [AVA]
  8. Tensteps & glassgat vs. Gareth Emery & Christina Novelli – Breathe / Concrete Angel (Tensteps Mashup)
  9. The WLT – Dark Side [Find Your Harmony]
  10. Andrew Rayel – One More Memory [Find Your Harmony]
  11. Tensteps & Luxtides – Into The Light [Find Your Harmony]
  12. Ashley Wallbridge & John Grand – Pulse [Find Your Harmony]
  13. Tensteps & Sarah de Warren – Deja Vu [Find Your Harmony]
  14. Marie Vaunt – Techno Acid 303 [Revealed]
  15. Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten & Rank 1 & Ruben de Ronde – Destination (ASOT 2024 Anthem) [A State Of Trance]

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