Behind the Turntables: An Interview with Sunlight


Hey there music lovers! Today we’re excited to bring you a small interview with the talented DJ and music producer, Sunlight. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Sunlight has been making waves in the electronic music scene with his unique style and infectious beats.

Can you share with us the genesis of your journey in the world of music?

I started using FL Studio many years ago and felt a love and passion for producing the sounds I love. Throughout the years, I realized that this was my life’s passion!

Can you share with me the names of the record labels you’ve collaborated with?

There are many record labels, including Iden Records, Happy Tree Records, Octane Recordings, Alveda Music, and many more.

Any new releases?


So, what’s your studio set-up looking like?

A 25m2 room is filled with acoustic foam, 4 KRK ROKKIT monitors, analog keys, many effectors including limiters, cutters, compressors, gates, etc., mastering software, and not to be forgotten, the ultimate DJ setup of 2x CDJs and DJM from Pioneer. Throughout the years, the studio has become more and more effective for me and my work.

Has your taste in music gone through any changes over the years?

Started with Techno, then moved on to House and made some Dubstep back then as well.

What is your favorite djing experience?

Playing live is always a nice moment!

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