KaterUnser, the Berlin artist founder of møde and Past // Future

KaterUnser, a talented musician based in Berlin, stands out for his dedication to the darkest and deepest aspects of the Techno scene. His music perfectly blends hypnotic melodies, disturbing atmospheres and dystopian sounds, creating a unique and immersive sound experience. The year 2024 marks a significant chapter in KaterUnser’s career as he prepares to launch his music label, møde. This undertaking not only represents a fundamental step forward in his artistic journey, but also promises to establish himself as a protagonist of the Berlin music scene. His artistic vision and passion for electronic music are evident in the way he intends to shape his brand, making a notable contribution to the German capital’s vibrant music scene. In addition to his upcoming label, KaterUnser is also the founder of Past // Future, an events brand that has secured a presence in Istanbul, Berlin and Madrid. This event brand provides a platform for both emerging and established artists, connecting different cultures and communities through electronic music. Past // Future Events embody the essence of techno music, taking audiences on a captivating sonic journey that transcends geographical boundaries. With the upcoming launch of møde and the continued expansion of Past // Future, KaterUnser demonstrates not only his ability as an innovative artist but also his bold entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for music and his desire to explore the darker dimensions of Techno make him an emerging figure in the contemporary Techno scene. Fans can expect not only exciting new musical productions, but also unforgettable events that leave a lasting imprint on the Techno culture of Berlin and beyond.
Follow KaterUnser here: https://www.instagram.com/katerunserofficial https://www.soundcloud.com/katerunserofficial https://ra.co/dj/katerunser https://www.instagram.com/pastfuture.ofc/

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