Crossfade Sounds presents “Ordnad Magnetism” by the Swedish producer HXJKT

Swedish virtuoso HXJKT unveils his inaugural offering on Crossfade Sounds with the captivating EP, “Ordnad Magnetism,” a mesmerizing fusion of deep, hypnotic techno and electronica. Each track is a meticulously crafted sonic voyage, meticulously layering moody and melancholic sounds atop enveloping atmospheres that ensnare the senses. With a profound nod to his roots, HXJKT, who has predominantly showcased his craft through his own collective’s label, “Allt Är Dött,” nestled in the picturesque landscapes of southern Sweden, now emerges onto a wider stage. With over 15 years of immersive experience in electronic music, HXJKT brings a wealth of expertise and a unique sonic identity to this release, promising an auditory excursion that transcends boundaries. Dive into the ethereal realms of “Ordnad Magnetism,” available now on digital platforms. STREAM HERE: LINKS:Instagram (label): (label): (release):

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