Kashgar by Bakean gets remixed for a new release on Cosmic Awakenings


“Enter the ethereal world of Bakean’s organic house single, ‘Kashgar Remixes.’ Crafted with finesse by the talented French producer, this release on Cosmic Awakenings will transport you to a mesmerizing sonic journey. With lush, nature-inspired sounds and intricate rhythms, each remix breathes new life into the original track. The captivating blend of organic elements and hypnotic beats will captivate listeners, making it an enchanting addition to any electronic music collection. Embrace the harmonious energy of ‘Kashgar Remixes’ and experience the allure of Bakean’s artistic prowess.”

Zigan Aldi remix
When I started remixing Kashgar in the studio on a tranquil day in Berlin, the point of inspiration for me was the dynamic melody and the captivating vocals, and I aimed to create an energetic and memorable whole

Goraab Remix
When Bakean asked me for this remix I got really excited cause I really like the original track. I wanted to give a it deeper feeling. Instead of using the string gimmick I focused on the vocals and brought tensions with more electronic sounds

Ephlum Remix
From the very first notes, my remix of “Devoiko” transports the audience to a world of romance and allure. The song’s gentle rhythms and soul-stirring harmonies create an atmosphere of dreamlike beauty, drawing listeners into a mesmerizing journey through the heart and soul of its narrative.

My version enchants timeless beauty, emotional depth, and cultural significance. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to unite us and evoke the most profound emotions, making it a treasure cherished by generations past, present, and undoubtedly, future.

Rogerio Lopez Remix
Funny story about how this remix happened.
I was working on another remix for Bakean when he asked me if I wanted to remix his track “Le Reve” & I said yes, I had 1 week to do it, so no pressure.
I went to my music database, and I remember at the I was listening to a lot of Sade, that’s where the Congas idea came from, I remembered that track Take on Me with that intensity and speed of the track when he was dreaming.
I came up with these melodies with pianos, strings that lead me this universe where when you close your eyes it feels like a dream ” Le Reve”.

Alex Twin Remix
Blended wtih organic percussive drums, Alex Twin’s remix, meaningful in essence, might fulfill anyone’s expectations.

Goyanu Remix
When I first listened the original song, I was excited about it and sure of two things: the vocals and the Diltar strings should be the key elements for my remix. Obviously I tried to keep the high energy of the track picturing a dance floor situation where people would give themselves in and dance with their bodies, souls and minds. Therefore, I brought a groovy bass line complemented with percussions and an offbeat synth melody.


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