A frontline figure in dance music, Ferry Corsten turns to his own catalogue in his continuous quest of sonic innovation on new single ‘Stay Awake.’ FeaturingDutch singer and songwriter Diandra Faye, ‘Stay Awake forms the latest instalment of Ferry’s 2024 album Connect and is out now on Flashover Recordings. Lead by the transcendental vocals of Diandra Faye, ‘Stay Awake’ instantly seduces the listener into a realm of progressive builds, swirling euphoria and a rolling bassline embellished with a medley of slick synths and cultivates in one super-charged bass-driven drop. Meanwhile, all-consuming feelings of getting lost in the haze of an underground club can be accredited to borrowed elements of ‘Air,’ a 1998 release under Ferry’s Albion moniker. Embracing the mantra of his globally celebrated What The F repertoire show, the original club sound of ‘Air’ is rehashed, remixed, and reinvented with a futuristic approach. Forming the foundations of this uplifting contemporary dance number. Diandra Faye first landed on Ferry’s radar via his weekly Resonation Radio show which sparkedthe conversation of collaboration. One listen to the topline demo and ‘Stay Awake’ was in motion, adding Ferry to Diandra’s impeccable list of previous collaborators including Markus Schulz and Blasterjaxx. Closing out the year with an illustrious new single, Ferry remains focused on the future with momentum gearing towards his new album drop. Each single so far has boldly presented its own sonic identity, differing from the last, yet bound by the limitless mindset that shapes Ferry Corsten’s sound today. Ferry Corsten ‘Stay Awake’ featuring Diandra Faye is out now on Flashover Recordings.

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