“Peace and Love” is the new single by Flo Førg on Wertstoff Musik

Due to current political events and a time full of television hotspots, Flo Førg comes forward with a clear musical statement for peace and charity. Already in 2020, Flo released two singles on Sepalot’s Eskapaden Musik with the titles “Peace” and “Love Tonight”. Now he takes up the lyrical content of the former single “Love Tonight” and sets it to a wonderfully crafted house beat. As usual from Flo Førg’s previous productions, things are very rhythmic and melodic here too. This track impresses with a driving bassline, infectious synthesizer grooves and a dynamic energy that gets your dance legs twitching. Interesting guitar parts and vocal samples give the whole thing additional depth and an undeniable charm of its own. Munich Disco meets House, and all under the motto: MAKE ART NOT WAR!!! BUY HERE: https://listen.music-hub.com/2oH6Of LINKS:http://www.flofoerg.de

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