MRAK delivers 6 track EP “The Pledge” on his label Afterlife



MRAK unveils a six-track collection of new material.

“This is a snapshot of my reality. It is a composition, a challenge, that I took not knowing the outcome and its price – the amount of logical mazes I had to overcome and I still am.
The biggest honour and most humble experience is the possibility to feel any sparkle of emotion, providing fragments of the music and the reality that I’ve developed as an artist over the years. My imprint soul and commitment to melody are adamant, as is the pledge to deliver and be loyal to this abstract entity called music; that gently accompanies our lives.”

As one of the founders of Afterlife, MRAK is now reshaping the afterlife paradigma. Introducing a sharp and elegant but distinctive musical equation. On The Pledge, he presents six compositions, all bound to the Afterlife ethos. ‘The World Is Yours‘ featuring vocalist braev. Sombre piano keys and urgent strings accompany energetic synth layers.

‘The Process’ works from a hypnotic low end, supporting a solid melody that increases in intensity as the track develops. For ‘Their Law’ MRAK teams up with David Lindmer, crafting an undulating track with captivating melodies and harmonies.

With ‘Portal’ the realm of consciousness beckons us in, with a female vocal reverberating intermittently, complementing the dark bassline and bright synth lines.

Penultimate track ‘The Flame features braev and Canadian vocalist Wasiu for a three-way collaboration steeped in emotion. It utilises a heartfelt vocal alongside a spoken-word segment, striking the balance between emotion and high energy.

Lastly, MRAK collaborates with Omnya on the remix of ‘Never Ends’. The main melody provides an uplifting vibration, juxtaposed with the darker elements of this journey to the close of the EP…

Artist: MRAK
Title: The Pledge
Record Label: Afterlife
Cat.Number: AL094
Release Date: 28th June 2024
1) MRAK – The World Is Yours feat. braev
2) MRAK – The Process
3) MRAK, David Lindmer – Their Law
4) MRAK – Portal
5) MRAK – The Flame feat. braev, Wasiu
6) MRAK – Never Ends (Omnya Remix)

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