Exploring the Journey: DJ/Producer Jacob Colon Talks Career Evolution and Creative Inspirations


Join us as we catch up with DJ/Producer Jacob Colon on his recent studio upgrades and how past experiences continue to shape his music. From his expanding radio program ‘Made to Move’ to upcoming collaborations and releases, Jacob shares insights into his creative process and aspirations for the future. Don’t miss out on this glimpse into Jacob Colon’s journey through the present and past, and his vision for the future of his already exciting career.  

Hi, Jacob! What‘s been new?  

Recently, I finished adding some of the main touches in my studio. I got some cool lights to give the room some ambiance and moving onto putting my sign on the wall next.  

Reflecting on your career in Electronic Music so far, how have your experiences shaped the music you’re creating now? 

I first started listening to Electronic music when Darude dropped ‘Sandstorm’, but I didn’t really start producing it at the time. I was still into more live shows playing the keys behind singers and groups. Over the years, when I started making House music, influences from Hip Hop have definitely helped shape the sound that I have. Also, high energy tracks like ‘Sandstorm’ have influenced the high energy that I like to bring in my drops.  

Can you share with us which of your projects from this year, you are proud of so far? 

 This year my radio program ‘Made to Move’ picked up additional syndications in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. With that, I’m releasing my first single off my label this year. Look out for that!  

With the landscape of Electronic Music continually changing, are there new gear, sounds or genres you plan on exploring in your current and upcoming projects?  

A lot of the new AI softwares that are out give producers more creative opportunities. Producers can generate vocals for instance by running any recording through an AI software to generate something brand new.  

Could you share your present plans for working with Artists, Vocalists, or  Producers or ones you hope to collaborate with in the near future? 

I’m currently working on a couple projects. One is with my producer friends Stede and Hybrid Heights, as well as a project with Argentinean vocalist Robert Vogu. I’ll have these wrapped up in a couple weeks.  

Are there any new ideas you’d like to implement to your radio show ‘Made to  Move’? 

So far, I think things are going great. Sometimes I get new ideas to customize my intro but nothing too crazy.  

Do you have any exciting new mixes or artist features upcoming in your radio  show?  

I started using #madetomove to engage with what my listeners want to hear. By using this hashtag on Twitter or Threads along with a link to a song, I’ll be able to see what types of vibes my listeners want to hear. I feel this is a good start to help me curate a mix that I know my fans want to hear.   

Can you give us a sneak peek into any of your upcoming releases or projects? 

I did a little songwriting on an upcoming record that I recorded in my home studio. I haven’t had my full set up completed for a couple of months but now that it’s ready, I’ll be recording a lot of my own stuff. The theme of this track is really cool. I got the idea from an old Michael Jackson music video.  

Looking towards the future, are there any major milestones you’re aiming to achieve in the next year or so in your career as a DJ and Electronic Music  Producer? 

Yes. I would like to reach new fans and increase my listeners to 100k per month on Spotify.  

Wrapping up this interview, we thank Jacob Colon for sharing his insights and experiences with us. From his reflections on the past to his ambitious plans for the future, Jacob’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring DJs and Electronic Music producers alike, and as he continues to push boundaries and pursue new milestones, we eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth and success in the industry. Make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest releases and projects. 

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