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In this interview, multi-faceted Artist Eric Redd shares insights into his evolving career. From recent shows with his new band to experimenting with new genres, Eric discusses his creative process and upcoming projects. He reflects on how his experiences in Europe have influenced his music and highlights memorable moments from recent live performances; he also talks about engaging with fans on social media, the significance of certain songs, and his goals for the future, highlighting his commitment to staying true to his artistic vision while embracing growth and innovation. Let’s dive in and learn more about this talented Artist. 

Hi Eric! How have you been doing?  I’m very good. Thanks.    Anything new?  Yes! finally did my first shows with my new band. The reception has been amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever had a full horn section. I collaborated with one of my members to create parts on songs in the show that didn’t originally have horn parts. Quite an experience.    Reflecting on your musical journey, how have your experiences shaped the music you’re creating now? It’s really interesting to realize how much of my newest writing reflects my journey. Because I’m now in Europe and they don’t have a huge recall of RnB, it’s been an experience recognizing how much my vocal inflection moves in that direction. My Dance career really has influenced my vocal swing inside the music while playing live. The fact my father listened to Jazz non-stop is showing up in my newest ideas, I’m enjoying sewing all the parts together. 

With the music industry constantly evolving, what new elements or genres are you experimenting with in your current and upcoming projects? 

The horns have definitely made a difference in my writing style. It really gave the music a Soul root I had imagined in my head. I have a couple of songs coming out this summer. I love them. They are much more Tech House and Freestyle than previous recordings. Love the feel of moving into a new territory. 

Collaboration can lead to unexpected magic in music. Are there any artists or producers you’re currently working with or hope to collaborate with in the future? I’m excited about the two Hady Tarek collaborations coming in the summer. I would love to work with Terry Hunter and Black Coffee. I’m also trying to finish a Dance song that I wrote with an Italian performance artist. This collaboration is really something unexpected.   

Live performances have a unique way of connecting artists with their audience. Do you have any memorable moments from recent shows that you’d like to share? In the last show, it was amazing watching the audience discover me, and the music. My live show is new to Europe and I call my genre “Electronic Soul”. Many of the audience came to see what that term meant. After each song there was a pause of like… “wow, that was cool” Then crazy applause. You could tell that were dancing so hard, they didn’t really realize I was telling a story.  

How do you navigate social media to engage with your fans and share your music? I work hard to keep my private life, private. I love to include my fans in new releases and concerts via my socials. I’ve recently been interviewed by a few new blogs. I’m enjoying learning about others on different continents and sharing stories. It’s turning out that my American fans like Facebook and my worldwide fans like Instagram. 

Every artist has a song or project that holds a special place in their heart. What’s yours, and why does it mean so much to you? I have a lot of favorites because at this stage of my career I’ve become grateful that so much of what’s in my mind has made it into the world. “Soul Speaks” is the song that holds a place deep in my heart. It’s the story of not wanting to be in any kind of love relationship, but realizing it was all bigger than me. I wrote it sitting on the plane right next to the person. The lyrics just flowed from my mind to the pen, effortlessly. We recorded it in one take. First time that every happened. Also, the relationship was well finished by the time of the recording, but the feeling wasn’t. I still get goosebumps thinking about how it unfolded.  Can you give us a sneak peek into any of your upcoming releases? “Nobody Knows” is a Tech heavy Midtempo Dance song about, ‘struggling to be seen and heard’. I love the drive of the rhythm. “Can Figure It Out” is one of my new favorites. A funky driving Tech House jam that has a lot of crispy vocal and funky drops. I have a couple of other irons in the fire… but were just at the beginning of the summer. There’s a Disco track in the works that feels like I’m back on “Soul Train…” 

 Looking ahead, are there any major goals or milestones you’re aiming to achieve in the next year or so in your music career?  Touring. A band residency. I really want to stretch my sounds in front of live audiences. I love writing on the road, and then recreating them in a studio. I also want to record another album, but for this year I think it’s going to be only singles while I try to listen to all that’s new around me.  Finally, can you tell us how you stay true to your artistic vision whilst ensuring you continue to evolve and mature as an Artist?  

This is probably the first year of my career I’ve been able to fully appreciate my own contribution to my art-form. It’s taken time to understand how lucky I am to have had the experiences that helped to create my own style. If you’re lucky, you will learn to appreciate your own individuality. With that, you stop the comparisons and take your next steps according to your own journey that only you envision, imagine and realize. 

As we conclude this insightful interview with Eric Redd, we thank him for his time joining us and sharing insights that provide a deeper understanding of his journey and the vibrant path ahead. With his passion for music and dedication to artistic evolution, Eric continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and we look forward to witnessing the exciting developments in his career and the impactful music he’ll undoubtedly share with us in the future. 

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