Balthazar & Jackrock Unleash Trance-Infused Techno EP “In The Dark” on Charlotte de Witte’s RPM Label


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Established in the techno scene, Balthazar & JackRock are known for their innovative sets and distinctive sounds that have been released on various respected labels. Here they impress once more and say of the EP: “For us it has always been important to convey strong emotion through our music. With “In The Dark” we fuse comforting nostalgia and energising, inspiring sounds that bring promise for the future. There’s no feeling quite like witnessing everyone coming together as one, reflecting on that emotion.”

Charlotte de Witte on “In The Dark” EP: “It doesn’t happen often to completely fall in love with a track after hearing it for the first time, but it happened with ‘In The Dark’ and it happened hard. Initially not knowing who made it, I’m very happy to have had an open talk with Balthazar & JackRock to make this release happen. In The Dark is a magical track that truly has the power to travel far. This is a stunning release that I support wholeheartedly.”

‘In The Dark’ opens up with dark beats and flashy synths that bring light. Background pads are edgy and twitchy textures makes this another arresting cut for the club. ‘Better’ then hits hard with hammering kick drums and rumbling bass all backlit with evocative and celestial synths, while ‘In The Machine’ closes down with an acid touch and linear tech drum that locks you in as freaky vocals and pulsating trance synths all race on beneath a hypnotic vocal hook.

These are three mesmerising cuts from Balthazar & JackRock.

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