Belgian Talent Aytiwan Joins South African Vocalist Lizwi for ‘Isimanga’ on Sunset Gathering


The innovative Sunset Gathering label from Mexico, under the aegis of Aaron Sevilla, is delighted to announce a new musical offering, “Isimanga,” a synergistic Afro-House collaboration between the Belgian music architect Aytiwan and the South African vocal virtuoso Lizwi. “Isimanga,” translating to “Surprise” or “God’s surprising grace,” is not only a track but an experience that fuses the rhythmic soul of Afro House with melodic progressions and the spirit of grace. Download/stream it here:

Belgium’s own Aytiwan, a stalwart in the Afro House and Afro Tech scene, is known for his eclectic beats and mesmerising soundscapes that have captured the global dance floors. Following the success of his acclaimed track “Iphathi,” Aytiwan brings his innovative spirit to “Isimanga,” incorporating progressive and melodic elements that promise to elevate the genre to new heights.

Lizwi, a name that translates to “Voice” in her native tongue, adds her profound vocal narratives to “Isimanga,” infusing the track with her rich African heritage and acoustic elegance. Her previous success with the track “Traveller” and the award-winning “Makukhanye” has already proven her ability to enchant listeners, and “Isimanga” is set to continue this legacy.

“Isimanga” is a bold statement in the evolution of Afro House, a genre that continually embraces diverse influences. Aytiwan and Lizwi have crafted a track that is not only rooted in the traditional sounds of Afro-House but also ventures into the realms of melodic and progressive electronic music. This blend ensures that “Isimanga” stands out as a beacon of innovation and cultural fusion.

Aytiwan & Lizwi’s ‘Isimanga’ is available from 26th January 2024 via Sunset gathering.



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