“Sex with Medusa (Chapter 2)” is the new single by Ephy Pinkman, released on Kanak on ADHD

Prepare to be transported into the depths of the underground with Ephy Pinkman’s electrifying EP, “Sex with Medusa (Chapter 2)”, released under the esteemed label Kanak on ADHD. This hard techno journey comprises three tracks that will leave listeners spellbound. The title track, “Sex with Medusa (2023 Rework),” pulsates with raw energy, driven by relentless rhythms and haunting melodies. Franky B lends his expertise to a remix, infusing “Sex with Medusa” with his signature style, while the Dark Electro Remix delves into a more sinister realm, exploring the shadows with ominous synths and hypnotic beats. Throughout the EP, expect nothing less than fat synths, pounding grooves, and basslines that reverberate with primal intensity, promising an unforgettable sonic experience for techno aficionados everywhere. LINKS:https://www.instagram.com/ephypinkman/https://www.instagram.com/franky_btrax/

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