Meyer Returns to His Eternal Records Imprint With New Single ‘Dirty Confessions’ 


Renowned Ukrainian melodic house & techno talent Meyer steps up for the second release on his newly-formed ETERNAL imprint. Following the success of the launch EP, which featured remixes from respected names HEVI LEVI and Cosmic Boys, Meyer is back with an emphatic single in ‘Dirty Confessions’ as he kicks off 2024 with this undeniably immersive record. Download/Stream it here:

‘Dirty Confessions’ is another fine display of productive gusto from Meyer, fusing weighty, techy beats with pulsating melodic techno musicality throughout. Orbiting its potent drum grooves, an ensemble of rippling synth leads, ethereal pads and celestial vocals create an interplanetary, cinematic vibe, effortlessly delivering suspense, crescendos and a sea of danceability from start to finish.

Meyer, a luminary in Ukraine’s electronic music scene, emerged as a prodigious talent with his early work as part of the duo Ost & Meyer. Debuting with standout singles “Britannica” and “Here We Go” on the prestigious Anjunabeats Records, he quickly became known for his melodic house and techno prowess. His transition to Enhanced Progressive allowed him to refine his sound further, earning him recognition as “Exceptional Talent 2011” by TOP DJs magazine. The establishment of his alias, MEYER Music, in 2013 marked a new chapter, as he began influencing the local pop scene with innovative records and producing chart-topping hits for SERYOGA, solidifying his role as a key figure in modern pop.

Meyer’s drive for innovation has seen him collaborate with renowned vocalists like SONYA KAY and SHADU and team up with the celebrated Miss Monique for releases on Siona Records. More recently, his newly formed ETERNAL Records imprint has elevated Meyer to new heights as he continues to showcase an ever-maturing passion for imparting his stylistic vision on the industry. His dedication to his craft and ability to deliver electrifying dance anthems have made him a mainstay on global stages and in music charts. Meyer’s adoration for music continues to fuel his journey, making him an unstoppable force in the electronic dance space with a legacy of constant evolution and a deep connection with his audience.

Meyer’s ‘Dirty Confessions’ is available from 26th January 2024 via ETERNAL Records.



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