The team behind Songstats launches Songshare


The Smart Link Platform Transforming Music Marketing

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Songshare, a cutting-edge smart link platform poised to revolutionize the music industry’s approach to digital marketing and audience engagement. Songshare introduces unique features designed to provide a seamless experience to music professionals and fans alike.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Songshare emerges as the ultimate solution for artists, labels, and industry professionals seeking to streamline their online presence. The platform automatically aggregates all music links across the leading streaming services and social platforms, offering a one-stop-shop for fans to access their favorite music and related content.

From Spotify to Apple Music, YouTube to Instagram, Songshare ensures that every potential audience base is covered, making it easier for fans to engage with content in the manner that suits them best. With Songshare, the task of manually compiling and sharing individual platform links is a thing of the past.

At the heart of Songshare is a robust, in-depth analytics dashboard powered by Songstats. This feature provides real-time data about link visits, clicks, and click-through rates, with detailed breakdowns by source. Whether it’s a single release or an entire artist or label profile, Songshare users can harness this data to gain unique insights into audience behavior and optimize their marketing strategies.

Songshare Analytics in Songstats Dashboard

This powerful tool gives artists, managers, and labels the ability to make data-driven decisions, helping them to understand where their content resonates most and how fans are engaging with their work. This visibility, paired with Songshare’s convenience and efficiency, makes it an invaluable asset in an industry where understanding and reaching the right audience can make all the difference.

Songshare is now live and ready to play a crucial role in your music promotion strategy. We welcome all music industry professionals to join us and experience the myriad of benefits Songshare offers. Let’s redefine the way we share, analyze, and engage with music in the digital age!

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