“She” the new Claudio Iacono EP released on Pins and Needles


Claudio Iacono is back with his new “She” EP.

This time, the EP includes exciting collaborations with Savino Martinez, Jinadu and Cristian Orlandi. Each track has its own roots clearly reflecting the artists.

The track “She” has two interpretations, a deep floating mix from Claudio Iacono and a more clubby version of Savino Martinez.

Sterilize” in the other hand, is a production from Claudio Iacono with the singer Jinadu which perfectly merges two unique styles.

Last but not least, Cristian Orlandi perfectly tops it off with a wonderful reinterpretation of Claudio Iacono’s “I Want Always Be Me“.

Claudio Iacono EP “She” is out on Pins and NeedlesListen here

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