Hotboxx Drops Dynamic New Track ‘What Is House’


Unleashing his powerful signature style, Hotboxx strikes back with his latest House track ‘What Is House’; set for release via Stashed, this dynamic new production from the Miami-based Producer is yet another stellar presentation of his impressive talents and unwavering commitment to delivering compelling and engaging listens. Poised to continue surprising and impressing fans with his unique and innovative sound, Hotboxx is keeping his drive and motivation high, unveiling this captivating new release that is sure to elevate dancefloors around the globe with its hypnotic grooves and intriguing sound.  

With an unstoppable drive and consistent pace, Hotboxx has built a powerful momentum over these last months that has seen him demand attention from genre enthusiasts worldwide; as he drops hard-hitting productions and delivers unforgettable live DJ sets, Hotboxx brings a fresh new energy to the Electronic Music realm that sees him climbing even higher on the list of innovative Producers and DJs currently on the scene. His reputation and popularity are only set to continue to soar as he finds new ways to engage with and captivate his followers; his radio show ‘All The Smoke’ is quickly gaining traction as it elevates Electronic Dance Music to new heights, showcasing Hotboxx’s talent and skills, not only as a Producer but also a DJ. Now, he is ready to drop this new House track that is sure to become a new favourite for not only his fans but all lovers of the genre.  

‘What Is House’ opens with a processed vocal sample, as a steady beat, funky rhythmic elements, and catchy chordal line enter to drive the track forward. Soon, an underlying bassline and uplifting horn melody join the mix, while a bouncy synth guides the listening journey; then, inspiring vocal chops and groovy low end add a hypnotic vibe to this enthralling and vibrant track. An exciting and refreshing auditory experience, ‘What Is House’ is another unmissable release from Hotboxx.  

Make sure to follow Hotboxx across social media to stay up-to-date with this talented Producer and DJ as he continues making his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music. ‘What Is House’ is out now via Stashed and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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