Record label Transcend presents Second Vibes’ new Progressive Techno single “Dreams”


“Dreams” is an enchanting melodic techno masterpiece presented by the talented Italian producer Second Vibes. This captivating two-track single, comprising “Dream No. 403” and “I Could See You,” effortlessly transports listeners to a realm of techno-infused dreams. In this release, Second Vibes skillfully paints a vivid soundscape of a futuristic utopia where humanity envisions a world where dreams can be handpicked.

The first track, “Dream No. 403,” beckons us to an exhilarating journey with its pulsating beats and exhilarating energy. The euphoric synths and rhythmic progression take the listener on a mesmerizing dancefloor adventure. On the other hand, “I Could See You” delves deeper into emotion with its enchanting melodies and ethereal ambiance. The track gently tugs at heartstrings, weaving a soul-stirring narrative through the artful combination of melodious elements.

Out now under the record label Transcend, don’t miss it!


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