“Rebirth Remixes” is an organic house EP by Adassiya & Bakean, released by Lump Records

“Rebirth Remixes” is an organic house EP by Adassiya & Bakean, released by Lump Records. The EP features 7 remixes of Adassiya & Bakean’s original tracks by Alex Twin, Alex Doering, Jaykill, Urmet K, Tony P., and ARKADYAN. The EP is a perfect blend of organic sounds and electronic beats, with each remix adding its own unique flavor to the original tracks. The remixes are a testament to the versatility of Adassiya & Bakean’s music and the creativity of the remixers. You can listen to the EP on various platforms such as Beatport, Soundcloud, and Juno Download. Alex twin :Once he accepted the challenge and remix “Sa Ansa”, Alex Twin has reinvented himself by assembling melodic bass lines and synths with organic percussions and the wonderful lead vocal of Adassyia. Jaykill :I was delighted to remix this track!Featuring a driving Afro-electronic rhythm and a melodic progression between analog synthesizers and acoustic piano, this remix will be ideal during a set with a beautiful sunset. Tony P. :From the beginning when i heard this track I had a more afro deep house vibe for it and one night I am at this Lounge and i heard an old house track with some crowd ambience in the back, suddenly i have an idea to add that and speed up the vibe and make it a perfect track for your sets. Alex Doering :I was psyched to remix this track.I really wanted to give it a deeper feeling so I used lots of arps and pads.It’s deeper version almost like a dub version, very dreamy. Urmet K :Im super happy to remix this track!I changed the mood and energy for more upbeat oriented vibe.It works so well on the dance floor. Arkadyan :Very happy when Adassiya asked if we wanted to do a remix of “Mon Amour”Even more as we were playing the original mix the past year during our shows.We really had a crush on the voice and we wanted to use it in the remix by sometimes looping it.Adassiya voice loop became the background texture of our remix.And also we get inspired by the hook and the melody so we decided to record our way all the instruments to sound more ARKADYAN way.The structure became pretty simple, organic and groovy. We are very happy of this cute remix remix of Mon Amour LINKS:https://instagram.com/adassiya_musichttps://instagram.com/bakeanmusic

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