Another Life returns to ARTBAT’s UPPERGROUND label with “Flaming Life” EP



Cologne’s very own sonic wizard, Another Life, makes a triumphant return to UPPERGROUND with the “Flaming Heart” EP, a stirring release on the imprint led by the renowned duo ARTBAT. Having etched his sonic signatures on his collaboration with ARTBAT titled “Breathe In”, Another Life’s return to the imprint further solidifies his position as an artist to watch in the scene. The EP arrives on the back of Another Life’s recent collaboration with ARTBAT on the electrifying track “Breathe In.” Hailing from Cologne, this DJ-producer is deeply embedded in the German electronic music scene, having showcased his prowess at UPPERGROUND events across Europe. His notable presence and exceptional talent have earned him a coveted spot in the UPPERGROUND family, making him a key performer at the upcoming UPPERGROUND event at Soho Garden in Dubai on New Year’s Eve. “Flaming Heart EP,” as described by Another Life, is a manifestation of a week steeped in personal love and reflection, celebrating nine years of companionship. Each track serves as a sonic testament to the emotional journey, the ups, and downs, and the enduring flame that keeps hearts intertwined. The title track, “Flaming Heart” is a sonic marvel, blending emotive elements with stark power. It’s a thought-provoking piece that possesses the ability to uplift and immerse the listener in a captivating exploration. As the EP’s energy-driven counterpart, “Phoenix” embarks on an emotional rollercoaster. Just like love, it’s a journey that hypnotizes and takes the audience through a myriad of feelings. Another Life’s “Flaming Heart” EP on UPPERGROUND not only showcases his production finesse but also highlights his ability to craft narratives through sound.

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