Rama: John Matier from Peru to the world.


From the city of Lima – Peru, you will most likely meet John Matier among the new artists behind your favorite EDM track.

This 2024 begins with John entering the Big Room with his track “Rama”, inspired by Indian sounds combined with electronic music.

What characterizes John is his desire to venture into different rhythms of electronic music, from Deep House, Progressive House, Pop, Modern Pop, City Pop, Sylenth Pop, Future Bass, among others.

When asked about his first signing with a record label he replied:

“I am very happy with the opportunity that Alveda Music gave me by trusting me and my work. I would like to thank the people who never stopped believing in me even when I no longer had the strength to continue with music. I am very grateful to the new ones people who like my songs and support them by listening to them.”

Regarding future releases, he answered:

“I am working on other projects, essentially with some artists and venturing into SlapHouse and SylenthPop. I hope there can be a year with at least 4 songs and follow the trend of 2023.

I’ve been making some songs for videos, for streamers and a few for friends (joke songs). Last year I tried putting together sound effects from some video games, sampling them and using them in some songs. “I think the result was pretty good.”

A brief overview of what John has been doing in recent years is summarized in:

As part of his start, John enrolled in the Talent Pool contest of Spinnin Records. He also participated in the remixes of the song by the artist Borgeous & Zack Martino “Make Me Yours” in 2018.

In that year John is ready to make his career in a new direction, releasing his new song “Haven (Tonight)” in collaboration with Loïc Jaminet in July 2019.

This 2020 he is making new songs outside his comfort zone, as well as “Don’t let me again” released on January 24 of the same year.

He continued the year 2020 with another single called “Wherever” with which he ends up settling in the genre of Future Pop and Future Bass.

In 2022 he published his first EP “Play” dabbling in Future Bass and Dubstep. In 2023, he released his song “Evytability” a melodic song with unique sounds and “Serendipia”.

To close the year 2023, Bad Habits and Back To You were published.

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