Pembroke joins forces with Giavacious and VVVIRTU on his single “Phantom Presence”


Pembroke assembles a gathering of Philadelphia mystics for a seductive conjuring of melodic house. Joining the hierophant are vocalists Giavacious and VVVIRTU whose strange duet of haunting vocals weave melancholy shards of pale blue through the luminiferous aether.

Rōlter, technician and regular player at Pembroke Studios, engineers a driving progressive breaks remix that builds into a swirling arabesque of smoke filled squelches.

Lancaster based DJ/producer, Major Vibes, invokes a Detroit minimal funk remix with a bricklaying kick and twisted vocal chops.

Rounding off the release is Philly native VAXX-1 manifesting a big room techno epic with driving percussion and tragically heroic synth chronicles.

Out now on Pembroke Records, don’t miss it!


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