Pawlowski New EP “Final Outsider” out now on Charlotte de Witte’s label RPM


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RPM, the turbo-charged sub-label of Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT imprint, welcomes French DJ / producer Pawlowskifor a thrilling new trance and techno outing. Pawlowski’s productions embrace the legacy of 90s rave but come with plenty of his own unique touches. He transforms matter into energy and emotions into melodies with hypnotic lines of acid, powerful kicks and trance melodies designed to make maximum impact in the club and have come on several tastemaking labels. His emotive, cinematic sounds have made him one of the most interesting producers out there right now and with a sound that is truly his own, as he shows on his new EP ‘Final Outsider’. “I was really surprised when Charlotte contacted me”, Pawlowski says. “I knew that she played my tracks ‘Demonic Dimensions’ and ‘Cosmic Sequencer’ during her sets. When she asked me to make an EP for her label, I knew exactly what I had to do! I’m in love with early trance music, and labels like Bonzai Records or D.Trance are huge inspirations and references for me. I try to keep the old school vibe alive through my productions. It’s a trip between space and time. My directive line for this EP was ‘taking something from the past, and creating something new for the future’. That’s why I love using bells and choirs, really specific for 90’s Belgium and German trance productions. This EP is a declaration of love to early trance music from the 90’s.” Says Charlotte, “”I have been a fan of Pawlowski’s distinctive sound for a while now. Both his tracks Demonic Dimensions and Cosmic Sequencer have been my preferred tracks to end a night. It’s the right amount of energy, combined with a touch of craziness. He produces tracks you won’t easily forget. I’m very excited to be able to release his music on the label.” And a fine one it is too, with ‘Final Outsider’ kicking off with atmospheric bird calls and steamy synth lines that eventually turn into bright trance chords. They light up the groove with new age melodies and an all new sort of atmosphere that is peppered with bells and powered high speed breakbeats. ‘Space Odyssey’ is another future-facing cut with throwback elements like emotive synth arps and poppy tartan melodies over thumping techno drums. It’s a cosmic sound that is full of colour and invention. Last of all is ‘Mystical Emotions’ which has edgy trance synths shining bright over the tightly coiled techno drums. It’s a euphoric sound that cannot fail to sweep the club off its feet. With ‘Final Outsider’, Pawlowski delivers a remarkably original EP, making a significant impact on the RPM label. Artist: PawlowskiTitle: Final OutsiderRecord Label: RPMCat.Number: RPMX006Release Date: 21st December 2023 Tracklist:1) Final Outsider2) Space Odyssey3) Mystical Emotions

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