Talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Lilly Ahlberg returns to Destructivo, a sub-label of the esteemed Tileyard Music group, with her soothing new dance-pop single, ’Hit The Ground’.     After the success of her previous release on Destructivo ‘Cold’, the Anglo-Swedish artist returns in angelic fashion with the long-awaited release of her delicate and vulnerable dance-pop anthem ‘Hit The Ground’. Exploring topics of relationships, heartbreak and growing from these situations, Lilly effortlessly paints vivid images of tough times and packages them into a heartfelt ballad. Even though the subject matter is sensitive, the bouncy and euphoric production manages to keep the energy high and dancefloor-ready throughout!  “I wrote this song about the struggles of deciding whether to end a relationship that’s changed. It’s about the uncertainty of whether to let it go, or to hold on – questioning the amazing moments you once had, and the fear of losing someone once cherished.” – Lilly on the process of creating ‘Hit The Ground’  Lilly Ahlberg is a multi-intrumentalist, singer and songwriter who has grown up across the globe, spending portions of her life in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Italy and Norway! Unsurprisingly, this diverse upbringing birthed a unique style and range of musical ideas, as Lilly began her journey into the world of music with the release of beautiful neo-folk/pop numbers before moving into the dance music lane. Lilly has been making waves in the dance scene with some show-stopping vocal features on dance tracks like ‘The Moment’ and ‘Closer’, both collaborations with Australian DJ/producer Sonny Fodera. The intercontinentally educated artist continues to master her craft and define her unique sound and ‘Hit The Ground’ is a testament to this ever-present progress!  Make sure you check out Lilly Ahlberg’s new hit ‘Hit The Ground’ when it releases on 5th January 2024, exclusively on Destructivo!

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