Mistier Returns With Another Vocal-led Melodic House Cut in ‘Lost My Way’ 


The multifaceted, melodic entity, Mistier, continues to paint the universe with ethereal musicality on the new single, ‘Lost My Way’. Like its predecessor ‘Move With Me’ released in October, this latest release showcases Mistier’s driving, melodic house style and quality production while the lyrics portray a personal tale of rediscovery and emotional ascension. Download/stream ‘Lost My Way’ from 24th November: https://ffm.to/mistier-lost-my-way.

Mistier emerged from spiritual and musical bonds formed at Burning Man and the playa’s special ambience permeates each Mistier production, evoking visions of sunset in the desert landscape. Mistier is anything but formulaic, seeking to connect at higher levels through a perfect mix of elevating beats, harmonious layers and impactful lyrics.

‘Lost My Way’ is another beautiful signature piece from Mistier. Sure to strike a chord with many, ‘Lost My Way’ describes a sense of losing direction; a pivotal realisation that you are on the wrong path and the process of reaching out to be found. 

Building around Mistier’s expressive vocals, the track’s musical tapestry comprises pulsating rhythms alongside a boundless expanse of melodic layers. Bringing together celestial pads and emotive strings that underpin a memorable, uplifting lead synth riff, this release further amplifies Mistier’s ability to ignite a conscious connection through electronic music.

On ‘Lost My Way’, Mistier says: “This song is about accepting faults and weaknesses. Early in my adult life, I spent a while focusing on self-development, and really thought I had gotten somewhere. In fact, I had grown and explored in some ways but had written off other, more vulnerable, directions of self-inquiry. To find later that I had so much more to learn and confront was challenging. Love was the true motivator- to be worthy of the love I was being offered I had to face my deeper fears, places I had no tools to know how to confront yet.”

With consummate musician and vocalist, Andre Mistier, at its centre, Mistier brings together a collective of musical and visual creatives aiming to inspire a transformative journey. Each piece of music is a step forward as is the release of Mistier’s upcoming animated music video series ‘Borderless Magnitudes’ in collaboration with visual director Allison Harrell. 

‘Lost My Way’ by Mistier is released on 24th November. Pre-save/download here: https://ffm.to/mistier-lost-my-way







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