Radical Redemption is a consistently reputable force in worldwide hard dance musicin a world of prominent personalities and international music makers. Through his unique brand of hardstyle that is intense, unforgiving and rib-rattling, he now ushers in the next chapter in his journey with his single ‘Brutal X’ as the inaugural release on his all-new imprint, Redemption Records.  

After launching his ground-breaking new live show - Radical Redemption & his Orchestra ofEternity – phase two of the inevitable expansion of his brand has now arrived. By following Radical Redemption’s core ethos that spans freedom, creativity, individuality, and quality entertainment, “This will be the Brutal saga’s crown jewel!” states the producer, leading on from previous tracks such as ‘Brutal 8.0’ and ‘Brutal 9.0’. Here, known as the tenth Brutal, he nods to past ‘Brutal’-adjacent releases with a fresh offering. 

The new single, packed with intense energy and hard-hitting beats, is poised to captivate fans, and further solidify Radical Redemption’s position as a leading force in the hardstyle scene. With ‘Brutal X,’ Radical Redemption delivers a sonic experience that pushes boundaries and immerses listeners in a remarkable sound journey. ‘Brutal X’ showcases his exceptional talent for blending driving melodies, mind-blowing kicks, and raw power, creating an explosive fusion of euphoria and adrenaline that has become his signature that captivates across live events. With lyrics by vocal barbarian Nolz, making sure this track is, once again, a floor killer, listeners will be transported into a world of relentless energy as ‘Brutal X’ takes hold. 

Radical Redemption has garnered an extensive following worldwide for his relentless passion and dedication to the hardstyle genre.With a career spanning over a decade, he has consistently delivered ground-breaking music and breath-taking performances, earning him a reputation as one of the most influential figures in the scene. Through his new label Redemption Records, Radical has created a platform that stands for freedom, creativity, education, entertainment, and quality. Where music, not genre, will lead the way. Breaking boundaries through music is the most important creed of its creator, Radical Redemption. Redemption Records will live and act by that creed.  

Hardstyle fans can experience the sheer power of ‘Brutal X’ and journey into the heart of hardstyle as Radical Redemption unleashes his latest masterpiece. 

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