Kokiri’s ‘In My Head’ out now on Perfect Havoc: a journey of introspection


Kokiri, one of Liverpool’s finest house music producers is back on Perfect Havoc this April with new single ‘In My Head’. It follows a standout 12-months for Kokiri with releases on such vital labels as SIZE, Spinnin’ and the disco-tinged release on Perfect Havoc ‘One Thing’ which saw support across the board from Arielle Free on Radio 1 to playlist adds on KISS and Capital Dance. Now dropping his most personal track to date, with accompanying artwork designed by Kokiri himself, ‘In My Head’ conveys a world of emotions as the artist opens his heart unlike never before. Stream it now: https://Kokiri.lnk.to/Inmyhead.

2024 is a special year for Kokiri, better known to his friends as Kevin Williams, as it marks 10 years since the Kokiri moniker was conceived. From the pivotal 2015 release of ‘Turn Back Time (Retrospect)’ via Ministry Of Sound/Big Beat/Atlantic (US), to the more recent rave inspired ‘Circa 95’’ on Spinnin’, Kokiri’s productions are a staple on the airwaves and in the DJ sets of electronic music’s finest; Danny Howard, Pete Tong, MK, Steve Angello and Claptone to name only a few. 

The new single, ‘In My Head’ is a complex house affair, with a beautiful flurry of synth stabs and samples, woven into a throwback piano loop. The vocals and soundscape combined convey the personal and private feelings of Kokiri at the time. 

Kokiri said, “It was a challenging time of my life dealing with my mum’s terminal illness and feeling a bit lost in my music career. As I’m not particularly open about my thoughts, writing music about how I was feeling felt almost like an escape from what was happening. The track portrays my state of mind; some were good days, some were bad. The chaotic main synth juxtaposes the calm breakdown with pads and vocals. And the vocal, “it’s only a nightmare(s), it’s just in my head,” felt fitting given my circumstances.”

The artwork for ‘In My Head’ is equally as personal for Kokiri. Inspired by the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Charmaine Chanakira, which resonated with Kokiri for their chaotic form and underlying storytelling, Kokiri turned his hand to design.

“Making the artwork over several sessions with Late Night Agency felt pretty therapeutic,” Kokiri explained. “The Pacman and ghosts represent using computer games as a means to escape the real world. The FL Studio logo symbolises making music to keep my mind occupied. The dancers at the top of my head signify my brain never switching off. The giant XO represents how I’d sign off cards to my mum, and the smiley face represents that no matter what was going on in my head, I’ll try and stay happy.”

There’s lots more in the pipeline from Perfect Havoc for the rest of the year with tracks landing from PS1 & Adam Griffin, Tobtok & Oliver Nelson, Stephani B and more. Now in its 9th year, Perfect Havoc continues to push the envelope of crossover house music and to build on over 10 billion global streams, six UK Top 20 singles and multiple platinum, gold, and silver awards.

Kokiri ‘In My Head’ is out now on Perfect Havoc. Download/stream here: https://Kokiri.lnk.to/Inmyhead 

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