Italian producer and DJ Miki Stentella makes a triumphant return to Adunanza Records with”After”


Italian producer and DJ Miki Stentella makes a triumphant return to his own label, Adunanza Records, with an electrifying new single titled “After.” As an expert in the genre, he brings forth an irresistible offering that encapsulates the essence of summer parties. Aptly named, “After” is a warm and melodic Tech House jam that is sure to ignite dancefloors worldwide.

Driven by a solid groove that captivates from the very first beat, the track possesses an infectious energy that is impossible to resist. The rolling and deep bassline forms the backbone of the composition, creating a pulsating rhythm that moves the crowd with its undeniable force. Accompanied by ethereal and emotive pads, “After” achieves a perfect balance between euphoria and introspection, taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

With its flawless production and infectious melodies, Miki Stentella’s “After” is set to become an essential addition to any DJ’s summer playlist. This track is a testament to Stentella’s talent as a producer and his ability to create unforgettable moments on the dancefloor. Get ready to lose yourself in the mesmerizing world of “After” and let the music carry you away.

Out now on Adunanza Records, don’t miss it!

Miki Stentella

Adunanza Records

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