Belgrade-based mnbv makes her solo debut on Andrew Meller’s REWLER Records imprint


Following the release of Gulou Home Studio’s ‘Satellite’ EP earlier in the year, GHS’ Aida Minibaeva (mnbv) returns to Andrew Meller’s REWLER Records imprint for her solo debut on the label with an impressive four-track offering titled ‘Your Touch’. Buy/stream it here:

Kicking off with the title cut, ‘Your Touch’ serves up the first slice of electro-tinged driving house flavours. Weighty drums and acid-laced melodies progress throughout the track, orbiting a pulsating bassline groove and modulating sound design. ‘Too Hot’ comes next, bringing more vivid analogue musicality from the outset. Another array of chunky beats and rippling percussive flair push the track on alongside a catchy bassline and expanding soundscapes crafted from enveloping pads, resonant filters and the chiming of detuned bell tones.

‘Mmm’ opens the door to the second half of the EP with even grittier sonics and dancefloor-focused character. Thumping kicks and swinging percussion steer the track alongside another catchy rhythmic bassline melody and endless layers of rolling melodies as the track bobs and weaves through a progressive kaleidoscope of energetic expressionism. ‘Countless’ rounds off the release with a standout splash of creativity and free-form artistry. A continuously building palette of analogue sound, climbing like rungs on a ladder with the subtle addition of new elements to change the scenes/mood throughout the track continuously. In essence, an entire journey inside a single record – pure class from mnbv to seal her debut on REWLER.

mnbv’s ‘Your Touch’ EP is available to buy/stream via REWLER Records.

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