Iconic hardstyle duo D-Block & S-te-Fan teamed up with recently retired SCANTRAXX godfather The Prophet for one last hoorah. Premiered a year ago, ‘Nothing But Rave’ immediately ignited the dancefloor as the duo was joined on stage by The Prophet at Defqon.1. This collaboration is one that certainly lives up to its expectations.   

 The track’s an electric combination of the old school rave sound and modern-day hardstyle, alongside an irresistible ‘can’t stop raving’ vocal paired with powerful spoken segments and uplifting drops, ‘Nothing But Rave’ captures the true essence of summer raves. This anthem not only marks a significant hit for D-Block & S-te-Fan but also celebrates the legendary career of The Prophet.  

  Renowned for their dominance in the hardstyle arena, D-Block & S-te-Fan boast an illustrious career highlighted by numerous appearances at premier events and a recurring presence in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 List. Celebrating 20 years of innovation, their dynamic evolution, including the #1 Hardcore collaboration with Sefa in 2022 and the electrifying Ghost Stories live act, attest to their enduring legacy and boundless creativity. 

  The Prophet, a legendary hardstyle pioneer, brings decades of expertise and innovation, which is evident in his chart-topping singles and colossal streaming numbers. Throughout the 90’s he honed his skills in the hardcore world, a decade on, he found a passion for hard house and fused the two, going onto becoming a pioneer of the global hard dance scene. He saw major success with hit singles such as ‘Wanna Play’ that alone soared to over 70million+ streams, and receiving over 1,2M Shazam’s and more than 128k sound uses on TikTok. Alongside his studio success. he has performed around the globe at the likes of EDC Las Vegas, Defqon.1 and its Australian version, Dreamfields Mexico plus many more.  

  The ‘Godfather Of Hardstyle’ - The Prophet officially hung up his headphones last year after 35 years following an emotional farewell performance at Defqon.1, 2023. Moved by the icon dancing his final dance, DBSTF requested that he join them in the studio for one final track; thus, ‘Nothing But Rave’ was born.  

  ‘Nothing But Rave’ marks the first time D-Block & S-te-Fan and SCANTRAXX founder The Prophet have collaborated on a track. “After working together with The Prophet for 15 years on SCANTRAXX, we have finally combined our forces to create a track together”, said D-Block & S-te-Fan. They added, ”‘ Nothing But Rave’ resembles the sound of the early days, when we, as visitors, fell in love with hard dance music and got in touch with The Prophet. We combined the classic rave sound with hardstyle to create a modern-day rave song that turned out amazing. And let’s be honest, we all can’t stop raving!” 

  Commenting on this special collaboration, The Prophet says, ”Nothing But Rave’ reflects the enduring passion for what you love. Contrary to what some may think, my shift from hardstyle/hardcore isn’t due to lost love. Love for the harder styles never fades; it merely evolves. This special collaboration with D-Block and S-te-Fan only came to be after my era as The Prophet, showcasing that change isn’t about ending one chapter, but starting another filled with new creative possibilities.” 

  Comprised of a mix of hardstyle with the currently hyped rave sound, both artists wanted to combine their love for the older rave sound with the current sound. ‘Nothing But Rave’ brings together two ‘niche’ genres with an eye towards forward-thinking dance music and, to some, may mark the passing over of the hard dance baton from The Prophet to the next generation of hard dance pioneers in D-Block & S-te-Fan. 

Streaming / Download link: http://scantr.ax/nothingbutrave 

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