An Interview with Emanz


Meet Emanz, a talented music producer born in 1983 in Rome, Italy. Growing up in the 90s, Emanz was exposed to the Eurodance music scene, which sparked his passion for music production.

How did you first get into the wild world of music and DJing?

I was born in 1983 in Italy, specifically in Rome. This means that I was raised as a junior DJ in the 90s when Eurodance music was a must. I started listening to Ice MC, Real McCoy, Haddaway, La Bouche, and Snap and I began to love this kind of music. Year after year, I cultivated this passion and started DJing for fun with my friends. During that period, MSN and MySpace were so popular that I joined various forums of Dance/EDM music. Those were the years when Italodance was the first genre of music and I enjoyed every single moment of DJing at private birthdays and parties. At around the age of 15, I started occasionally DJing in clubs, and I never stopped. Last year, I released my first single to commemorate my passion and my EDM culture.

Who have you collaborated with in the music biz?

I don’t have much experience in that. The only single I have released, “My World,” was with the Yeiskomp Abyss label. At the moment, I only have one active collaboration with Lost Spektre, who has an upcoming release with you, but I would like to collaborate with others in the future. Who knows?

Any new drops we should know about?

Yes, I am going to release my second single called “Dream About You” with Alveda Music. I love this track and I hope people will listen to it as much as possible.

Have you noticed any changes in your music preferences as time has gone by?

I have always followed my first passion and love for Eurodance music, as I am a nostalgic man of the 90s. However, I have also looked into the new trends of EDM music, and currently, I am listening to artists such as Avicii, Don Diablo, Alok, and Lost Frequencies to incorporate the best of their beats and create my own tracks.

What is your favorite djing experience?

Basically, I have enjoyed a lot since I started playing at birthdays and parties because people have enjoyed it too. However, my biggest dream is to DJ at Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Obviously, I create music 😛 Apart from that, I enjoy listening to music, discovering new artists to listen to, and gaming. I am basically a nerd.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a DJ and music producer?

The biggest challenge would be to collaborate with one of the major artists in the music industry, such as David Guetta. I know that this will be very difficult, but dreaming is free.

What advice would you give to another DJ and music producer starting out in his career?

Firstly, never give up. I know it will be very hard at the start with a lot of doors closed, but if you have the passion and the will to succeed, you will find your own way.

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