Dmitry Meretskiy’s Late At Night: A Must-Listen for Trance Music Fans Everywhere


Dmitry Meretskiy, a talented trance artist hailing from Ukraine, has recently released his latest track titled “Late At Night”, under the esteemed trance label Alveda Liquid. Meretskiy has been a prolific producer in the trance scene, with a repertoire of songs that includes “Caffeine”, “Hypno Wave”, “No Way Back”, “Lighthouse”, and many others.

His music has garnered recognition in the form of featuring in various compilation albums such as “Trance Hits 2022” and “Trance 2021” by the label AMVA. It is evident that Meretskiy’s music has a unique appeal that resonates with fans of the trance genre.

The release of “Late At Night” is a testament to his continued growth as an artist and his ability to produce music that captivates listeners. It is exciting to see what the future holds for this talented musician, and we eagerly await his next release.

Available now on all major platforms:

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