Avi Sic Reveals Her Favourite Career Moments, Giving a Glimpse into Her Road Ahead


The talented Producer and DJ Avi Sic has been making her distinct talents and signature sound known across the landscape of Electronic Music, striking out with powerful music and delivering impactful live sets. Having honed her craft throughout her musical journey, Avi Sic puts forward an original style, blending between Bass House and Tech House, along with elements from other genres, to continue to create compelling sonic journeys for her listeners to enjoy. Now, Avi Sic joins us to talk about her career so far, looking at her favourite moments and sharing a glimpse into what listeners can expect next from her upcoming projects and productions.   

Hi, Avi! How have you been? 

Feeling refreshed, just returned from a nice vacation overseas! 

Reflecting on your musical journey since you started as an Electronic Music Producer, could you shine a light on a few of your pivotal moments that shaped your growth and sound, and what excites you most for your road ahead? 

It’s been a great journey so far, definitely filled with some speed bumps but I have learned a lot and come a long way in a short amount of time. And lots of successes in between. It’s a building process for sure. Working with other artists and getting feedback has been super informative and pivotal in my growth. I found my sound last year really dialled in but I keep an open mind and try new things all the time. Hybrid House is my thing, I like to combine genres which has been a challenge but also helps set me apart.  

Can you share with us which of your releases you are proud to have produced so far this year? 

I’m honestly proud of all of them. Worked with some great labels this year which were dope. All are artist-owned labels so it’s awesome to get on their radar and be associated with these guys I look up to – Curbi, Bijou, and Don Diablo.  

As the landscape of Electronic Music evolves, what new styles, instruments, or software are you looking to explore in your current and upcoming projects?  

Really interested in the new AI stuff coming out, it’s wild. I’ve played around with a bunch of stuff – mainly vocal manipulation which has been fun and will be featured in some upcoming releases of mine. 

Was there a collaboration that made a significant impact and influence on shaping your sound and music career so far?  

All my collabs have opened my outlook on certain things. I have some upcoming records that have been super influential. It’s always fun to take a look at someone else’s process and projects and see how they approach things and how you can use that in your own way. 

Could you share some of your favorite moments from recent shows with us? 

I played with Nostalgix most recently, that was a great show. The crowd was wild, and we have a similar style so that was definitely a fun one. I also did support for Whipped Cream which was cool because I could play more Bass and Trap forward stuff. It’s always fun to mix it up. And of course, playing with MAKJ was dope. On a technical level, he is one of my favs so personally it was dope just to watch him perform.  

Any upcoming live performances or shows you are looking forward to? 

I’m headlining the Chicago Pride Fest DJ stage which will be sick. It also falls on my birthday so I’m excited about that one for sure. Also, will be playing a one-off Deep House set at North Coast Music Festival. It’s a genre I enjoy listening to but don’t get a chance to DJ it often so that will be special as well.  

Every artist has a song or project that holds a special place in their heart. What’s yours, and why does it mean so much to you? 

I’d say the track ‘Knockin Like’ – that’s when I really began to find my groove. 

Can you give us a sneak peek into any of your upcoming releases?  

My next release is on Bijou’s label DND RECS. It’s called ‘Control Me’. I love this song so I can’t wait to drop it. It’s a bit more minimal than other recent releases. A nice pocket of a groove and super dark. It’s coming out on a compilation album so I’m super excited to join a bunch of awesome artists that I’m personally already a fan of. 

Looking forward, are there any major goals or milestones you’re aiming to accomplish in the next year or so in your music career?  

I’d love to start working the festival circuit. That’s definitely my long-term goal. I plan to keep releasing music regularly and continue to check off names on my list of dream labels. Confession is up there for me so putting that out there into the Universe. You heard it first!  

With motivation and drive, Avi Sic’s committed work ethic continues to support her growing reputation within the genre, cementing her on an exciting trajectory as she promises to deliver more music and live performances soon. So, make sure to stay tuned and keep up to date with Avi Sic by following her across social media as we end our interview by thanking her for her time and sharing an exclusive look into where she hopes her musical journey will lead her next. 

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