Beaufort Beats presents its new Techno VA “Pegasus”


Now in it’s fifth year of operation, BB continues to release high quality techno music to share with those who love all things rhythm and groove (and, let’s be honest, sometimes just straight up banging). The VA04 – Pegasus – welcomes TineX, Doug Cooney, Tarker, NOFCE, Connor Wall and Dario Evangelista to the label, each bringing their own unique styles and flavours of sound to the compilation. Noah Tauber fka KLINES returns to BB with another sleek and classy track to follow up his ‘Feel the Rhythm’ EP with BB last year. The compilation, of course, wouldn’t be complete without contributions from Melbourne/Naarm based artists Royboy, Zane Micallef, comradenathan and Greyn.


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