Avi Sic Unveils her Latest Powerful Release ‘Relax’


Chicago-based DJ and Producer Avi Sic presents her latest track, ‘Relax’; set for release via the label TURNT, this new production is an impressive addition to the Producer’s ever-growing release catalogue. Showcasing her signature powerful sound, Avi Sic blends elements from the Tech House and Bass House genres to deliver high-octane energy and intensely groovy beats.  

As she continues to drop striking productions, Avi Sic is building a momentum that shows no signs of slowing down; with a unique style that consistently brings energetic and electrifying vibes to listeners around the globe, Avi Sic is a force to be reckoned with within Electronic Music. The support her releases have earned from several industry heavy-weight names, including Showtek, Plastik Funk, and Madison Mars, to name a few, is a well-deserved achievement for this skilled Producer and proof of her impressive talents. 

Speaking about ‘Relax’, Avi Sic mentions: 

“This track was inspired by my hectic lifestyle. Imagine you’re trying to relax but life keeps throwing things at you. That’s where this idea came from. It has moments of chill and elements of Melodic Techno but then the crazy thoughts creep in and take over. That’s that Bass House vibe creeping in. It’s a real yin and yang -keeps the listener involved. Evil yoga sums up this journey.” 

Featuring a driving, thumping beat, an infectiously groovy bassline, and processed vocal samples, ‘Relax’ delivers a captivating and adrenaline-fueled sonic experience that guides listeners through colourful rhythmic elements and punchy details. The electrifying synths and powerful low end, add to the powerful sounding soundscape, as staggering rhythms release the tension in the breakdown; the energy returns with a punch at the drop, as the hypnotising groove and eclectic mix of sounds brings a party-starter vibe to the track.  

‘Relax’ displays Avi Sic’s dynamic signature production style, delivering a vibrant and pulse-racing listening journey that makes it a must-listen for all fans of Electronic Dance Music. As she keeps paving her way to the top of the list of innovative Producers in the Electronic Music realm, Avi Sic is one to watch closely; be sure to follow her across social media to be updated on her new releases, live shows, and upcoming projects. ‘Relax’ is out now via TURNT and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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