“In My Head / Psychedelic Underwater” marks the return of Pablo Gargano on EVE Records


As far as EVE Records goes, it does not get much bigger than the return of Pablo Gargano.

The man who co-founded EVE Records, bringing with him his genre defining productions under both his own name and numerous pseudonyms has come home. Conversations have been happening for several years now about his return, and this is the result.

Pablo Gargano delivers a captivating Melodic single titled “In My Head / Psychedelic Underwater,” a masterful production that immerses listeners in a world of warmth, melody, and atmosphere. With its mesmerizing soundscapes and infectious rhythms, this track is destined to be a highlight of the Ibiza party season.

Spanning the void between the deeper side of Trance and old school Progressive House all three tracks herald the return of Pablo with style, panache and originality. Available now on Beatport and Spotify, this gem is a must-have for any electronic music enthusiast.

Its warm, melodic, and atmospheric soundscapes will undoubtedly captivate dancefloors and provide an unforgettable musical journey. Welcome back Pablo, we have all been waiting patiently…

Available on all platforms on June the 9th, don’t miss it!

Eve Records

Pablo Gargano

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