“Anymore” is the new single by A Youth


“A Youth”, the innovative synth dance project brought to life by Michel in 2022, presents his captivating single titled “Anymore”. Michel, known for being part of Rework (Playhouse, Get Physical, exlove) and the founder of exlove records, delves into the realm of intense dark disco with this mesmerizing track. “Anymore” weaves a hypnotic tapestry of sound, drawing inspiration from techno, post-punk, rave, and industrial elements, all set against the backdrop of cold 80s dance vibes.

The single introduces a powerful and catchy cocktail of beats, enveloping listeners with its bouncy basslines and ethereal yet dark emerging synth melodies. A captivating fusion of no wave aesthetics and mood-setting soundscapes, “Anymore” embodies the essence of Michel’s previous successful projects on exlove records. As a DJ or live performer, diving into the world of A YOUTH allows one to experience a futuristic musical mindset. Prepare to be entranced by “Anymore” and the upcoming EP’s tracklist, including the mesmerizing journey of “Relax.”

Out now on exlove records, don’t miss it!


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