Althoff delivers his new EP ‘Neblina’ with a remix from Xinobi on Marginalia!


Out 26th April!

Brazil-born tastemaker Althoff steps up to Elif’s Marginalia label with new EP ‘Neblina’ that comes with a standout remix from Xinobi.

Based in Spain, Althoff has made his mark on the scene with superb tunes on the likes of Borders of Light, Katermukke, and Bar 25 with blends of organic, melodic house and techno to create his own sound. He has had support from the likes of Solomun and Adriatique and his sound continues to evolve whilst his DJ sets range with impactful tension to immersive organic beats that have seen him play across Europe and South America.

Meanwhile, fellow remixer Xinobi is an underground veteran with credits on the likes of the Discotexas he co-founded as well as Anjunadeep, Cercle, Frau Blau, Do No Sit and MoBlack. He has remixed a diverse range of artists from Nicolas Jaar to Toro Y Moro and dropped three well received albums as well as having written and recorded the original soundtrack for the acclaimed Portuguese TV Series ‘Luz Vermelha’. He has also collaborated with Lazarusman and had support from Laurent Garnier, Keinemusik, Adriatique and more.

With a blend of ambient, downtempo, and electronic elements, Althoff crafts a mesmerising atmosphere that envelops listeners in a misty, dreamlike realm on his new EP. “Neblina” stands as a testament to the producer’s skillful craftsmanship and his ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realms through his music. Meanwhile, the second track from the EP “Vibora,” offers a hypnotic and immersive journey characterised by its pulsating rhythms and otherworldly melodies, which intertwine to create a mesmerising sonic tapestry.

Xinobi’s remix of Althoff’s “Neblina” offers a dynamic reinterpretation that injects new energy into the ethereal atmosphere of the original. Building on Althoff’s foundation, Xinobi introduces pulsating rhythms and driving basslines whilst maintaining the dreamy essence of the original, yet infuses it with a dance floor-ready groove that captivates listeners and ignites the senses. Xinobi’s signature production style shines through, as he expertly manipulates layers of sound to create a rich and immersive experience.

Speaking on the release, label head Elif shares their story, “Althoff collaborated with me on the first release on my label, he’s a good friend that I met through music in Barcelona. He also released on our VA so he’s one of the artists who’s released most on Marginalia so far. Also, remixer Xinobi is one of the kindest, nicest and most humble humans in our scene and I think through a Brazilian/Portuguese connection they connected well with Althoff. I am super happy to welcome a legend like Xinobi to the imprint and our label staple Athoff back too.”

Marking three fine cuts signed to Marginalia, the new EP marks an outstanding new release from the essential Althoff.

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