Subterranean Kitchen delivers “Chewing Screws” by Star Shaped Boy


“Chewing Screws” stands as the inaugural opus of the Canadian musical craftsman, Star Shaped Boy. The composer delves into an exploration of sonic forms that elicit synaptic responses, catalyzing a cascade of divergent sentiments and affections. The piece is marked by an interplay of contrasting levels of dynamism, with intermittent ambient interludes giving way to increasingly energetic and mesmerizing rhythms.

The amalgamation of these elements engenders a profound sense of immersion, conjuring the impression of a transcendent odyssey into uncharted domains of mind-altering and extramundane auditory landscapes, ferrying the auditor to an alternative realm of being. ‘Chewing Screws’ is a tour de force demonstration of music’s capacity to convey the listener to novel and unexplored territories of consciousness.

Out now on Subterranean Kitchen don’t miss it!

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