Somaphon presents Qomolangma (Incl. Iman Deeper Remix) released on Deed Music


Announcing the triumphant return of Somaphon to the prestigious Deed Music roster for March and April, the independent label founded in Berlin by Iman Deeper in 2021. Now, the talented resident producer of Berlin’s KitKat Club is back with a fascinating release titled “Qomolangma”. Known for their unique live analog sets and captivating performances, Somaphon presents a hypnotic journey into the realm of Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic). Having cemented her place on the scene with eye-catching, critically acclaimed work, she is now ready to reveal her most comprehensive and profound work yet to the world.

In this work you can see a wonderful play of influences, all summarized in modern dance music, without losing soul and authenticity along the way. “Qomolangma” pays homage to the majestic Mount Everest, also known as Qomolangma, delving into the ancient secrets and mystique of the Himalayas. With its massive synth lines and voice-coded mantras, Somaphon creates an immersive sound experience that transports listeners to ethereal heights.

Accompanying the original mix is a remix by label director Iman Deeper, which adds a darker twist to the journey as the mountains shift through their states of day and night, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the hypnotic depths of the sound. A chemistry that feels effortless and that leads us to flow relentlessly through each of their songs. Each topic aims high.

We are facing an exploration of the most diverse and danceable sounds sly by the sophistication of European electronics. We could say that it is a surprising and excellent album, because it is dazzling and exportable; created from talent, meticulousness and sound coherence. We are facing an expanded and rigorously mastered master class.

This release is now climbing all the Beatport charts.In the genre and in the general charts No 1 in Trance (Deep / Raw / Hypnotic) Release. What is to come from the unique producer and artist Somaphon is going to give a lot to talk about.

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