Rico Puestel presents “I Don’t Get Techno Anymore…”


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 2023 and Rico Puestel doesn’t get Techno anymore. What happened? They might have grown apart… So he just did his thing and after twelve months of not producing anything electronic, he just wallowed in independence of doing what he always loved…

Introducing “I Don’t Get Techno Anymore…” The German artist Rico Puestel embarks on a soul-searching journey, exploring the depths of his musical evolution and rediscovering his artistic roots.

As the EP’s concept suggests, it’s 2023 and Rico Puestel finds himself in a unique predicament. Techno, the genre that once fueled his creative fire, no longer resonates with him. A divergence has occurred, a natural progression that many artists experience in their careers. Rather than conforming to the expectations of the scene, he courageously decides to embrace this newfound independence and delve into his true passions.

For a whole year, the artist distances himself from the electronic music realm, exploring diverse genres and honing his skills in live production using minimalistic hardware gears. During this hiatus, he immerses himself in a rich tapestry of sound, indulging in the genres he has always loved, thereby reconnecting with his musical foundations.

“I Don’t Get Techno Anymore…” captures the essence of this transformative period. The tracks exude a sense of freedom and artistic liberation, where pulsating beats coexist with delicate melodies, and deep basslines intertwine with hardware equipments.

Each composition on the EP is meticulously crafted, serving as a testament to Puestel’s immense talent and versatility. From the ethereal textures of “It Used To Have Soul” to the hypnotic rhythms of “It Used To Hold A Mystery”, Rico Puestel crafts an immersive sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of genres.

With this EP, the artist invites listeners to join him on this transformative expedition, where boundaries are shattered, and a new chapter in his musical career unfolds.

Out on the stores via Exhibition on July the 7th, and available as 12″, Download and Streaming.



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