Renowned UK DnB Titan Audio Remixes Magnetude’s “Falling” on Evolution Chamber


Magnetude’s ‘Falling’, expertly crafted by Drum & Bass legend Audio. With his signature style and undeniable talent, Audio brings a fresh perspective to this beloved track, amplifying its energy and taking it to new heights. ‘Falling’ is one of Magnetude’s most impactful tracks, and it holds a special place in the heart of Audio, who counts it among his personal favourites from the talented Anglo-Russian duo. You can buy/stream it from 10th November 2023 here:

Audio’s remix of ‘Falling’ takes the track to an exhilarating new dimension. Audio’s reimagining infuses the original record with his distinct touch, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that will ignite dancefloors worldwide. The remix begins with the signature vocals that lead listeners into a world of anticipation, building up to a dynamic chopped vocal and kick pause. The tension mounts during the breakdown as the track prepares listeners for the explosive climax. The remix unleashes a broken 2-step beat, which later transitions into a hard-hitting, straightforward beat enriched with Audio’s renowned heaviness, creating a relentless groove that will leave crowds craving more.

As a Drum & Bass stalwart, Audio’s remix of ‘Falling’ solidifies his position as a masterful producer. With a discography spanning 20 years across esteemed labels such as RAM Records, Virus, Blackout and his very own imprint – Snake Pitt, and accompanied by a loyal global following, Audio’s ability to craft ground-breaking tracks that push the boundaries of the genre is unquestionable. His remix of Magnetude’s ‘Falling’ showcases his versatility and his innate understanding of how to elevate a track to new levels of sonic excellence.




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