Ready to dance to an electrifying bass house track? Look no further than Vibe Therapy’s new song “Oh Gee”


Did you hear that Vibe Therapy has dropped a new song? Oh Gee was released just a month ago by the label Dancewood Stage, and it’s been creating a buzz in the music industry. Fans can’t get enough of Vibe Therapy’s new sound, and it’s clear that the artist has put a lot of love and care into this release.

For those unfamiliar with bass house, it’s a genre that fuses the hard-hitting basslines of house music with the edgy sound of UK garage. In “Oh Gee”, Vibe Therapy masterfully blends these sounds to create a track that’s both energetic and infectious. From the moment the beat drops, listeners will find themselves moving to the rhythm.

Available now on Beatport:

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