‘Origines’ is the new Techno single by Jack Bridge


Prepare for a sonic voyage as Jack Bridge unveils his latest Techno masterpiece, ‘Origines,’ a two-track exploration released on Percussive Music.

The title track, ‘Origines,’ is an energetic brainwasher, propelling listeners into a techno realm with relentless beats and a captivating intensity. Bridge doesn’t stop there, diving ‘Into The Deep’ with the second track, featuring a darker ambiance and a rolling bassline that resonates through the depths of the dance floor.

‘Origines’ is a testament to Jack Bridge’s prowess in crafting immersive and pulsating techno experiences, making this release a must-have for techno aficionados seeking a journey through the realms of energetic beats and deep, bass-driven atmospheres.

Out on November the 17th on Percussive Music, don’t miss it!


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