Noisecide’s “Wasted Years” gets a remix work by Mark Pompeo


Noisecide is an industrial metal band based in Paraguay, and Mark Wise is a DJ/producer from New Jersey best known for a unique brand of heavy metal techno and also for peaktime techno with tracks supported by Carl Cox, Nakadia, Juliet Fox, Brennen Grey, Fjaak, and other notable DJs.

The moment Noisecide and Mark Wise connected on Instagram, they both knew this was a match made in heaven. The band’s EDM-infused industrial metal style is a perfect complement to Mark’s metal techno style, and they quickly agreed on a remix for the band’s latest single, Wasted Years.

Being a remix of a song that’s already metal, Mark went for a more typical techno beat and style than his previous heavy metal techno but still using riffs, synths, and vocals from the original track for leads, which were all perfectly suited to a techno song. The original elements were such a good fit for techno that very few any additional parts were needed to complete the remix!

The track starts with a standard techno kick and hi hat pattern soon accompanied by a smooth, pulsing pad that builds into the first breakdown where the guitars and vocals make their presence known until collapsing into heavy, palm-muted riffage on the drop. A pair of synths join the riff providing accents and melody before leading into a breakbeat section that occupies the middle portion of the song.

This segues into another riff and melody section before the remix culminates with the chorus of the original taking over accompanied by the synth melody to drive the track home. The guitars and melody fade on a final short breakdown into the outro where that smooth, pulsing pad takes the forefront once more and brings everything to a close. It’s a track that takes you on a journey and shows a bright and exciting future for the burgeoning techno metal movement!

Available July 14th on all outlets except Beatport.


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