Nakk makes his debut on Elif’s Marginalia label with his ‘Echoes’ EP including a remix from Evade 



Emerging multi-genre DJ and producer Nakk steps up to Elif’s Marginalia label with a fresh pair of tunes in the form of his ‘Echoes’ EP including a remix from Evade.

Not bound by traditional genres, Russian-born Nakk revels in the extremes of music, pairing melancholic pads with driving drums, cinematic synth designs with gritty basslines. He does so while colliding the worlds of breaks, techno and house and impresses again in this latest release.

First up on the EP, “Echoes” is a low slung and chunky experimental cut. Making for a hypnotic sonic journey with organic drums and percussion paired with pulsing and serrated basslines. Combining ethereal melodies, it brings raw and intricate texture to the track that cuts through effortlessly.

Meanwhile, jumping on the remix of “Echoes” is Evade, a rapidly rising talent who thrives on good vibes. His remix flips the cut into a lithe, elastic rhythm that will encourage shapes across the dancefloor whilst the cosmic melodies rain down.

Closing out the EP, Nakk’s “Bottom Line” continues the mesmerising journey, with pulsating rhythms that drive the momentum with an irresistible groove. There is a mechanical feel to the whole EP experience that locks you in deep.

Nakk demonstrates a keen ability to craft immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to a realm of introspection and marks a fresh EP from the rising talent.

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