Mortiz Hofbauer drops new single ‘Nocturnal’ from forthcoming album “In A Blurry World”



Moritz Hofbauer drops his latest single “Nocturnal” on October 27, 2023, as the final single leading up to his highly anticipated album debut on November 10, 2023. Following the success of “Lost in Complexity” featuring ILAYO and celebrated remixes by DJ Lion, Re.You, and Nusha, “Nocturnal” promises once again to deliver electronic innovation and artistic sophistication. This captivating single immerses the listener in a world of electronic sounds, highlighting Hofbauer’s unique talent and creative versatility.

It serves as an impressive preview of the upcoming album and another pinnacle in the ambitious artist Moritz’s body of work. In fact, “Nocturnal” is an exceptionally melodic composition with a minimalist yet driving arrangement that creates a vivid atmosphere through the use of numerous synthesizers. Powerful synth chords and a dark bassline are complemented by striking sounds. We are extremely excited about the upcoming single and can hardly wait to share Moritz’s album “In A Blurry World” with you very soon!

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