Like Mike drops his latest release on his label Green Room, this time collaborating with chart-topping artist Eden Shalev for their genre-bending afro house cut ‘Dale’.

‘Dale’ seamlessly blends elements of afro house with a deep, driving bassline and pounding beats, taking listeners on a captivating musical journey as floaty arpeggios envelop listeners in an atmospheric warmth. The track’s infectious groove, combined with a masterful arrangement of percussion and mesmerizing melodies, creates an energetic atmosphere that is sure to resonate with fans of all music genres.

DJ, producer, label owner Like Mike is a virtuoso of the electronic music scene. One half on the monolithic brotherly duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the powerhouse artists have been at the forefront of the electronic scene for well over a decade, dominating DJ Mags top 100 landing the top spot numerous times. As a solo artist, Mike flexes his genre-transcending production prowess drawing influences from his love for a multitude of genres. This year has seen Mike release a rich tapestry of productions, showcasing his exceptional genre palette in his acclaimed solo set at Tomorrowland.

He is joined by Eden Shalev, a rising star in the global music landscape, who contributes his exceptional talents and originality to the production. Having previously achieved #1 in Beatport’s afro house chart with ‘Papi’ Shalev flexes his sonic excellence once again in his latest track. Eden’s distinct style and passion for experimenting with diverse sounds shine through in ‘Dale’, proving that he is an artist to watch closely.

Stream ‘Dale’ when it drops on Green Room on the 18th August 2023!

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