La Perle Records presents its inaugural “ABYSS” Various Artists Compilation


In our inaugural “ABYSS” Various Artists Compilation, we are absolutely thrilled to dive into an exceptional collaboration that seamlessly merges the talents of the versatile multi-instrumentalist music producer and renowned global DJ, Bakean, with the remarkable and young skilled percussionist, Naghib Shanbehzadeh . La Perle Records extends its heartfelt gratitude to them for this extraordinary partnership, which promises to be as precious as a glistening pearl, adding a unique and captivating organic music track to our label’s oceanic collection.

The second track you will find in this pack is crafted by none other than the dynamic French duo, Elie Ô & Dolbytall, who’ve returned with yet another breathtaking creation.
“Arcadium” is an electronic voyage that mirrors the ever-changing tides of the ocean , delivering unexpected surprises with its mesmerizing melody riffs, a propulsive groove that’s sure to set your pulse racing, and a hypnotic and impactful break that will leave you breathless.
Dive into “Arcadium” and share your thoughts with us!

La Perle Records


Elie Ô & Dolbytall

Naghib Shanbehzadeh

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